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RETIRED! September 2009

I have officially retired from all things Access. Please do not send Email requesting support as I will not respond.


Keep all of your questions to the Newsgroups where everyone will benefit!



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Click on ReportPage(X) above to view Web Pages with Reports embedded as Metafiles.

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New October 14, 2001 A2K2 Version of ReportUtilities complete with A2K2 PrintLines Class! A2K2ReportUtilities.zip

New April 1, 2001 A2K Version of ReportUtilities complete with A2K PrintLines Class! A2KReportUtilities.zip

NEW RELEASE  Feb. 04/2001- For A97! ReportUtilities.zip is a  suite of Report Utilities as outlined below. No restrictions. Open the README file before use! Full Source code included!


ReportUtilities a suite of utilities with 5 Features:

1) Export to MS Word. Output exact duplicate of a Report to RTF, including formatting and all graphics. This file can be loaded into MS Word for limited further editing or inclusion into a larger document.

2) Export to WordPad. Output duplicate of a Report to RTF, including formatting and all graphics. This file can be loaded into MS WordPad for viewing and/or Printing. 

3) Save Report to Enhanced Metafile format. One EMF file for every Page of the Report.

4) Save Report to the older Metafile format. One WMF file for every Page of the Report. This format may be imported by FrontPage as a Clip and then saved to the Web page as an WMF not a GIF or JPEG! This means about 10KB to 15KB average per Report Page.  

5) Print To Fit functionality. Output multiple Report pages per single output page. 2up, 3up or 4up etc.  Printer selection is independent of the original Report.  For instance you could output a Report of Legal size pages to standard Letter size. Does not require MS Word.

Copyright Lebans Holdings 1999 Ltd

Requires that a current version of Microsoft Word is installed on your system to view the finished RTF files for MS Word. Developed and tested for MS Word97.

Simply open the "ReportUtilities" Form test the functions. Please note that all of the horizontal Lines in the sample Reports were drawn with either the Report Rectangle Tool or by using the Report object Print method. This is due to a shortcoming in the Access Export functions that produce a SnapShot file.

The converted RTF file is not a fully editable document. Word97 does have the ability to edit this file on a limited basis. Simply double click on any page in Word to activate the Editor. 

RTF for WordPad does not allow any editing of the document. WordPad does not have the ability to respond to the RTF control words for setting Page Margins, Cropping etc. To get around this the Metafile has its Window Origin offset by the amount of the Left and Top Margins in the original Report. You can set the Page Margins in WordPad to gain further flexability. Finally, remember that you will have to use the Page Setup Menu to select a Paper Size to match that of the original Report. 

The Save Report To EMF feature produces a single EMF file for each page of the Report. The resulting EMF's can be loaded into Drawing programs or inserted into a MS Word document via the Menu's Picture->Insert->From File route.

The Save Report To WMF feature produces a single WMF file for each page of the Report. The resulting WMF's can be loaded into Drawing programs or inserted into a MS Word document via the Menu's Picture->Insert->From File route.

Stephen Lebans



Several users have Emailed me with the following bug report:

Print Job Cancelled: 0

This bug seems to happen if the Printer selected is not available to this user. I will investigate this further as it has only been reported on A2K2. You can simply close this Error Dialog window and events proceed as normal. What's really needed is a rewrite for A2K2 as I can get rid of the ReportSpecs.MDE and use the new Printer object directly.


Here is a change required by a Rafael, a Spanish Access MVP to use the code on his system.

Hello Stephen,

my English excuses, I am Spanish and I translate it with the Power Translator.

In your utility A2K2ReportUtilitiesver2.mdb


Private Function fCreateSnap(rptName As String, Optional blPrintReport As Boolean = False) As String


' Export the selected Report to SnapShot format

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, rptName, "SnapshotFormat(*.snp)", strPathandFileName


2282 the format in which tries to create the current object is not available.


DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, rptName, "Snapshot Format", strPathandFileName

He/she doesn't give error.

Windows XP Pro, SP1

Office XP, SP1

Rafael Andrada C.

Valencia (espaņa)

[MVP - Access MS]



May 23, 2004 Product Update
Rich Text ActiveX control. Version 1.8

Click Here!


Mar 15, 2005 Product Update
MouseHook  Replaces the MouseWheel DLL subclassing solution. Turns On/Off the MouseWheel with one line of code. No DLL registration required. Now supports Logitech mice!

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