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VB ListBox

RETIRED! September 2009

I have officially retired from all things Access. Please do not send Email requesting support as I will not respond.


Keep all of your questions to the Newsgroups where everyone will benefit!



BUG FIX: Feb 01,2002  The CreateIC call was failing on Win NT or higher systems. I was checking the DC handle returned for >0 where it should have been <>0!


New Ver 2.1 Justification.zip is a database containing functions to center and right justify data for List and Combo Boxes. 

Major changes for Version 2.1 are:
Use standard API's instead of functions exposed in Access EXE. 

Handle Multiple Columns

One Function for both Center and Right Alignment

Support for controls on SubForms

Huge increase in function execution speed

Clean code with comments

New  CboRowSeperator.zip is a database containing a functions to display non selectable Row dividers in a Combo.

My personal thanks to Terry Kreft for his input and assistance with this upgrade.

Name: Dan Rock



Just a little addition to your justification.zip

I wanted to show the right justified column in standard number format so i replaced the below line and it works great!

Thank you much for your contributions to the programming community.

'let's trim the string - better safe than sorry :-)

' strText = Trim$(strText)

strText = Trim$(Format(strText, "###,###.00"))



May 23, 2004 Product Update
Rich Text ActiveX control. Version 1.8

Click Here!


Mar 15, 2005 Product Update
MouseHook  Replaces the MouseWheel DLL subclassing solution. Turns On/Off the MouseWheel with one line of code. No DLL registration required. Now supports Logitech mice!

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